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community service

make a difference!

Every time you persevere, every time you are faithful, every time you
serve others... You are making a difference!

Microscopes For Science Classes
School supplies for burned school
Teachers excited to try it out
Sport uniform donations
Mr. Mayor even got his own jersey!
Newly built operating tables
Lunch donated to World Vets
kids see themselves in the camera
Morgan Jayne Project
Children in new school
teachers from USA donors
Rulers for everyone
Seniors donations
This is their only 'playground'
School book donations
No playgrounds on the island
Legacy Church building project
Awesome client donation
food for the poor
clothing donations
Teacher & Assistant Gratitude
I'll teach you, you teach me!
Waiting for church to open
Happiest kid you'll find
clothing donations.jpg
food supplies
food donation deliveries

Community service and giving back, is very important to the Sun Splash family. Over the years they have worked in communities from east to west of Roatan, organizing food drives, clothing donations, hospital, seniors and small non-funded schools for kids at risk. Sun Splash allocates donations between non-funded small classroom schools, seniors, and the Roatan Humane Society.


Sun Splash happily does their part in contributing, with the help of all of their amazingly supportive clients, who week after week bring one item, a backpack full, or suitcases full of school supplies, clothing, hygiene supplies, adult diapers, vitamins and more. There is also a great opportunity to provide sponsorship's to school kids to further their education. Together, we are making a difference, giving hope, and inspiring those in need.


If you have lightly worn summer clothing, sandals, shoes, adult diapers, hygiene products, or a monetary donation for school supplies or animal medications and supplies, James and Stephanie will be happy to give you a 'wish list' of items. 


Your driver will happily take you to your donation of choice to deliver your goods in person and meet the people or animals, you're helping! 


Donations for the humane society are needed desperately. Ask us how you can help! Click Here.

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